Thursday, July 12, 2012

Surf-O-Lounger Epic Ride!!

When you mention Southern California, many stereotypes come to mind ... beaches, bikinis, surfers, skateboarders, and the fact that when you register with the DMV, your first name is automatically officially changed to either "Dude" or "Bro" (you may or may not have an option, depending on the mood of the clerk).  A laid-back atmosphere is almost always envisioned, along with the cross-culturally-approved attire of board shorts, t-shirt (or alternative Hawaiian-style shirt), sunglasses, and flip-flops (and if you live in San Clemente, the flip-flops MUST be Rainbow brand).  These components are required for SoCal non-workplace clothing code compliance for all dudes and bros.  Only those engaged in more serious sport activities may be exempt from the code, provided they wear either a wetsuit or something similarly form-fitting (spandex).  For all other activities, the standard clothing code applies, and all components are required at all times, both day and night.  Some variation is allowed, however.  For example, you don't have to actually be WEARING all of the approved attire components, as long as you have them with you.  One variation, shown below by a member of the Southern California Beach Cycling Team during a training ride, depicts the sunglasses, flip-flops, and board shorts being worn as usual, with the t-shirt displayed on the bike handlebars.

Approved SoCal attire while training for the Pier-To-Pier Epic Half Decade Trail Ride

Although, I'm not a California native, I've now been here for over ten years, which earned me a special discount at the "Dude, Who Cares?" store.  Nevertheless, I do feel that I've learned just enough about the small region of Southern California in which I reside to truly call it "home".  And when I say "just enough", I mean that I generally don't get too surprised at what I see on a daily basis.

For example, to see a Chihuahua with bright red painted toenails wearing a dress, hat, and sunglasses running from its doorstep to chase and bark at my much larger dog, who doesn't know whether to roll on his back and laugh or throw up, I'm not that surprised.  (In case you're wondering, yes, this actually happened.)

However, when I saw the genius creativity in the following photos taken on the very street where I now live, I must say it took the whole Southern California laid-back surf/skate theme to an entirely new level.  Check it out ... he's got the t-shirt, sunglasses, board shorts, and flip-flops ... but he's not cruisin' on a skateboard or bike ... no, he's cruisin' on a Surf-O-Lounger!

It looks to me like a lounge chair attached to a base with four skateboard trucks.  Awesome!!  He's rigged some steering apparatus via handles on each side, which appears to work very well, since he rode true and straight down the hill.  He just pushes it up to the top, hops in the chair, and rides.  Too cool!!!

I don't know this dude ... but next time he's cruisin' the Surf-O-Lounger, I'll talk with him and see about getting some video for you to see.

I know this post didn't have much to do with bicycles ... but the images were just to cool to not share.  The things you see on the neighborhood streets in San Clemente ...

More bike stuff soon ... hope it's not too hot where you are!  I'm headed out for a little ride that looks kinda like this ...

San Clemente Beach Trail heading North

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