Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A "Moving" Experience...

Wow.  It's hard to believe it's been 4 months since the last post here.  At the same time, when I think about then and now, and the changes that have taken place in that time period, it's hard to believe it's been ONLY 4 months.  Needless to say, life has gotten in the way of writing.  My apologies to anyone who's checked in during my absence only to find nothing new here.  I've heard a rumor that there's one or two people out there who read this thing once in a while ... I may be mistaken, though, and it may only be the blog-bots.

I could tell you all about the past four months in such great detail that you'd bookmark the page for whenever you have a bout of insomnia ... but rather than put forth such effort where it would be certainly wasted, I'll TRY to make it brief ... and then get on with the business of returning to bicycle-themed word stuff.

Okay ... back in March, while in the midst of the 8-day weeks and 28-hour days of preparation for the annual mega-spectacular business event of the year for my Better-And-More-Attractive-Half (BAMAH), we discovered a major problem with the house we were then living in.  Although we loved the convenient location and "vintage charm" of the house, it had many issues.  And although we chose to be content and accept those issues, this new problem was the moldy dripping frosting on the insect-covered cupcake ... and thus we had to move ... but only after the afore-mentioned annual mega-spectacular business event of the year.

So ... in April, we searched for a new place that had no issues.  We found just such an issue-less place.  We put in our application and were accepted.  We gave notice to move.  We furiously packed and moved our stuff.  We purged other stuff that we wanted to neither pack nor move. (By the way, if you're about to move a box that you never unpacked from the previous move, I recommend NOT taking it to your new destination ... you'll never miss it, I promise!)  We fought with the previous landlord over deposit return ... and mostly won.  I completed two large client projects in the middle of the moving process.  By the end of May, we were done with the move.

The month of June consisted of recovery and unpacking (where in the world did I put that box with my favorite coffee mug?), along with finding our way around the new digs (only 6 miles south of where we were before, but still a new town for us) and developing the strategic plan for the daily routine (where to take the dogs for walks, drive time for work, where to get food, groceries, and so on).  Once the basic daily necessities were handled, I was then able to begin exploring the new and different bicycle-riding amenities offered within our new community.

And that brings me to the here and now ... and back to the notion that I may actually have something to say about bikes and stuff.

It's interesting how life places you in different positions, forcing you to view the world around you from a new perspective, both mentally and physically.  Riding from point A to point B over a period of time builds a certain image in one's mind.  When you then suddenly start riding from point C to point A, the whole landscape looks very different.  And point B, which you've seen hundreds of times from the previous perspective at the end of the ride, but is now crossed in the middle, looks absolutely alien and quite insignificant. (More on that in an upcoming post)  If you'd told me 5 months ago that today I'd be walking down and then climbing back up a set of 109 stairs twice a day just to take the dogs out for their "business" trips, I would have said you were crazy ... and yet, that's what I now do (more on that later, too!).  By the way, these are good things ... just to be clear!

As a creature who appreciates a certain degree of routine in order to feel "normal", it can be difficult for me to accept large changes that affect how I do everything in the course of a "normal" day.  I do always adapt, however, and everything works out in the end.  This time, though ...I have to say there's something different ... it just feels a whole lot more "right" to me after having a little time to settle into the new environment and daily process here.  Almost everything feels better here ... more "normal", despite the many changes and life modifications that were required to make the move.  It's not ALL perfect ... but then the world around us never is ... which is why we continue to seek balance with the imperfections on a daily basis.

I hope all is well in your world!  Summer is here ... enjoy the ride!  More news and reviews coming very soon ...

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