Friday, January 27, 2012

What Does Your Dog Do While You're Out Riding?

If you love dogs like I do, and have one or more at home, you sometimes feel sad that they miss out on the interesting things you see while you're out exploring on the bike. Photos just don't cut it for dogs ... and, although they pretend to be interested, I'm confident they don't truly understand what I'm saying when I tell them about the horses I saw.

Some people actually take their dogs out on the bike ... in a special basket equipped with a dog bed ... or running along the side on a leash. I've even seen some very clever contraptions that attach to a bike with a safety-release mechanism on a short pole that keeps your dog at the right distance from the wheels but breaks free in the event an accident occurs.

That sounds like good fun, and I've thought about trying some of those methods of dog/bike accompaniment ... but the truth is, my little dog whines even in the comfy car, so she probably would freak out in a bike basket. And my bigger dog ... well, let's face it, I'd just slow him down. So ... I take them out for walks a few times each day ... and, sadly, let them stay home when I ride.

But I often wonder what they do while I'm out riding. Yesterday, my return home offered a clue, at least for my smaller dog, Libby:

"Back so soon?  I was having such a nice dream ...."
It appears she jumps into our bed, rearranges the pillows to suit her needs, and then lounges among them for a nice nap. For some silly reason, I thought my leaving was a sad time for them ... but apparently I was mistaken. I have to admit, though ... it was kinda nice to (even mistakenly) think they might be missing me ... at least a little bit. Oh, well ... I guess that just means I don't have to worry about them when I take an extra long ride ... as long as I make it back in time for their dinner ... now THAT would be a problem!

What does your dog do while you're out riding?

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