Monday, November 21, 2011

Something Woolly This Way Comes...

I'm never very good at waiting ... even though my life involves quite a bit of that very thing.  Perhaps in a past life I was a rather impatient being, and thus it is my purpose in this life to learn the virtue.  I'm getting there, but it's not easy.

Since beginning to ride a bike again in my adult life, I've learned a lot about what my personal style is ... yes, in terms of what I wear, but more importantly, how and what I ride.  When I finally got a really good vision of the kind of bike that best suits me, I began the search ... and found "the one".  Then I had to acquire the funds ... which took a very long time.  Then I had to order it.  Since then I've been waiting.  And waiting. 

When I ordered it, I was told it would be three weeks.  Three weeks later, I inquired about the status and was told it would be another two-to-three weeks.  Three weeks after that, I called and inquired again and was informed that there was an oversight and the frame had not been painted yet ... so another two weeks.  Two weeks after that, eight weeks into my three-week order, I called again.  This time brought good news ... it was done and almost ready to ship!  Later that very day, I received email confirmation of shipment and tracking information. 

Finally, it's on the way ... and due to arrive at my door tomorrow!  I'll post the details and photos of assembly, but for now, here is a small sample of what will appear on the head tube:

Yes ... it's a woolly mammoth, basking in the sun ... with trilobites clearing the path.  I imagine there wasn't much that could stand in the way of the woolly mammoth in its day ... and that is exactly the style of this bike.  It's designed to go anywhere, not in a hurry, but to explore and enjoy.  More soon!!

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