Monday, May 3, 2010

National Bike Month ... and other Celebrations!!

It's National Bike Month!  Yay!!!

How will you celebrate?  Haven't decided?  Here's a link to get you started and perhaps find some events near you:

If Spring hasn't already enticed you, get that bike out of the garage, give it a good cleaning, pump up the tires, lube the chain, add some new shiny bits if you want, and get out there and ride!!

Speaking of riding, I have some riding of my own to do ... but I'll try to keep it balanced with work and family.  And speaking of "balance", I've decided to add a kickstand to my Surly LHT, as loading panniers at the grocery store can be tricky whilst simultaneously attempting to hold the bike upright.  The box arrived today ... in it, a shiny new Pletscher Two-Leg Kickstand, Deluxe Top Plate (to protect the chainstays), and a pair of plastic/rubber feet.

I'll get some shots of the installation procedure and post a review soon.

Also ... I had a birthday last month ... woohoo!   Here's my cake ... baked by my one and only!  Yes, she calls me "BooBoo".  Many of her colleagues, friends, and family don't even know my real name, and simply refer to me also as "BooBoo", because they've never heard me referred to as anything else.  Back to the cake ... it was tasty AND healthy ... really!!

I have to admit, I got spoiled this year.  Among the many gifts are a couple I'll share with you here.  I love soft organic T-shirts, especially when they have something inspiring to say ... like this one from Life Is Good:

Their Creamy T's are incredibly soft, really well made, and comfortable beyond measure ... try one or several!!  I also got a pair of MUSA Riding Shorts from Rivendell to try.  The design looks great for us non-racing type cyclists, and the material looks to be cool and nice to the skin.  I'll post a review after a few rides in them.

My apologies for the lack of substance in the post today ... many eggs in many pans ... but as each one is flipped, cooked, and promptly served with toast, oatmeal, and fresh fruit, there will be more time for more riding, more thoughts, more reviews, more stories, and ... more ....

May you all be well and find yourself celebrating this month of the bicycle!!

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