Tuesday, May 11, 2010

California Bicycle Museum

The bicycle-friendly town of Davis, California is now the home of the California Bicycle Museum!  If you love bicycles, you'll love their collection.

From the website:

"Davis has a long history as bicycle friendly town and with the University of California, Davis, the community has emerged as one of the leading bicycle communities in the United States. The California Bicycle Museum was created to educate the public about the history of bicycles and the important role they play in our society.

The museum serves as an educational and research center for all aspects of cycling and bicycle history. With the Pierce Miller antique bicycle collection serving as the nucleus of the future bicycle museum, the City of Davis, UC Davis, and the California Bicycle Museum have been quietly securing additional bicycle donations that represent the entire timeline of bicycle history.

We invite you to browse around and explore our collection. We also hope you will send us your feedback and we welcome your involvement in our effort."

The gallery includes some truly amazing photos that span the history of wheeled self-powered transportation.  Please take some time to check them out ... make a donation ...or visit in person!


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