Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bike to Work Week Plan

Not only is it Bike Month, but next week, May 17-21, is Bike to Work Week.  Not only that, but Friday, May 21 is Bike to Work Day.  So you have choices ... you can bike to work for the whole month, one week, or just one day.  That is, of course, if you don't already bike to work, in which case you get to make others feel guilty that they only do it when they're told to for a special occasion.

I'm feeling rather left out in this whole bike to work thing.  That's because I work from a home office.  So I really can't bike to work ... I'm already there.  But I do want to take part in the celebration of transportational pedalitudedness.  So I have formulated a plan, and here it is:

Each day during Bike to Work Week, I will pack my work clothes (T-shirt & shorts) in a bag, put some coffee in an insulated bottle, get on my bike, and ride away somewhere that's a reasonable commuting distance ... say two miles.  Once there, I will get off my bike and lock it to some sturdy object, drink my coffee, and change into my work clothes (in a private place, of course).  Then, I'll go back to my bike, unlock it, get on and ride back to my office (the house), lock my bike in my employer-provided parking space (the garage), go inside to my office, comb my hair to eliminate helmet head appearance, greet the rest of the staff (the dogs), clock in (sit down) and begin working.

Since this is Bike TO Work Week, I am not required to ride FROM work back home, so there will be no end-of-day hoops to jump through in order to fulfill the celebration guidelines and parameters. 

For Bike to Work Day, which is an even BIGGER event, I will perform the same activity, except for the following:

Instead of my normal "work" clothes, I'll change into something more "business-like".  Perhaps a pair of actual pants and a dress shirt?  Gasp.  And I'll put my laptop in it's case and carry it in my front basket in order to be more legitimate.  I'll even pack a lunch that day.  When I get to the "office", I'll not only comb my hair, but I'll spritz with some kind of designer men's fragrance and wear a watch or something else that says "professional". 

Frivolous, you say?  Possibly ... but being that I feel strongly about supporting Bike Month events, and feel even more strongly about supporting biking to work for everyone, it seems my duty to somehow take part in the experience.  And somehow, merely grocery shopping by bike next week does not seem enough.  Besides, it's another wonderful excuse to spend more time riding ... and that's always a good thing!

What are YOUR plans for Bike to Work Week and Bike to Work Day?

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